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This page is for companies that value their brand and quality highly. Those who are therefore looking for a long-term partner who wants to participate in the journey, to achieve common goals together and realize their company vision.

Key areas

Nordicom values this highly
  • Security

    Our employees must be happy and have good working conditions. Focus on agent satisfaction and participation creates a good service culture and long-term perspective.

  • Knowledge

    Our goal is for Nordicom to distinguish itself in terms of its focus on education and knowledge. We are a little more prepared.

  • Quality

    Our compass always guides us towards quality.
    In our actions towards each other, towards our partners, in the equipment we use every day, and much more.

  • Technique

    We work in modern systems, use daily statistics and are driven by customer feedback.

A guarantor of quality

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Quality awareness permeates everything we do


Nordicom’s strength and offering is based on a customer-first perspective. This only works if we, as employers, have a staff-first perspective. All employees are subject to conditions according to the collective agreement. Satisfied employees are of course more long-term in their work, which means that our agents stay and become experienced. We can then spend less time on training and recruiting new staff. We would rather spend this time on internal training, practice and business development. In addition, all employees are involved in our career ladder, where there are clear goals for advancement.

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trygghet på jobbet
kunskap kundtjänst


You don’t become a customer service professional or a good leader overnight. It’s not something we expect either. Our goal is that no one should surpass Nordicom in terms of education and knowledge. We regularly educate ourselves in the various parts of our professional practice, for example regarding our partners’ products and services and the technology we use. Through our culture of knowledge, we constantly collect new topics to break down together, discuss and get better at. No knowledge is wasted. Everything is indexed in cloud-based databases and manuals, so that every week, month and year we are a little better prepared.

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At Nordicom we take responsibility for our quality. This means prioritizing quality work and working preventively. Our compass always guides us towards quality. When faced with a choice, our firm starting point is to always choose the highest quality and nothing else. Our opinion is that it pays to do that little bit extra, to know a little more and to be a little more prepared.

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Kvalitet kundservice
Teknik kundservice


It has been shown that both agents and customers are more satisfied when there is a system that connects with different channels without interruption. This allows our agents to communicate more easily, be more prepared and experience less stress. Within customer service, we work with various KPIs, such as FCR, Service level, AHT and CSAT, we can ensure short response times and high customer satisfaction. To guarantee increased customer loyalty, we measure and optimize, for example, NPS and CES. Every day we collect useful insights from customers, so we can get to know them better and understand their needs and behaviors. This provides valuable information that can help you develop your offer.

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