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Nordicom acts as your extended arm

Our services make it easier for companies to streamline their organization by outsourcing time-consuming or costly business processes such as customer service, sales or back office. Through outsourcing, you can both save money and improve results at the same time. With Nordicom in the team, you get a dedicated and long-term partner who gets into your business in depth and who has a single goal in mind. To help you win in your market.

Modern outsourcing requires new ways of thinking

With a background in media and telecom, we have a combination of entrepreneurial thinking and the ability to overcome complex challenges. We understand the entire customer journey and have solid experience in everything from brand work to sales, communication, onboarding, customer service and focus on tangible results. Our experience gives Nordicom a strong business focus and a unique approach to outsourcing.

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Outsourcing is based on trust

Nordicom acts with pride on behalf of our clients

As an outsourcing operator, we need to ensure that we meet your customers with the level of service they expect every day. We value every dialogue and build long-term relationships with your customers. Through this, we create lasting loyalty and a strong trust for your business.

During a collaboration with Nordicom, we are always transparent with our work. We report ongoing statistics regarding your customer service, sales or administration. Your external departments with us always represent you with correct business ethics and with your current business goals in mind.

Customer service & support

Customers base 32% of their loyalty on the customer service experience

One bad experience is enough

In today’s climate, your behavior needs to be absolutely top class and you must always be ready for a large variety of different types of questions and problems. According to surveys, 1 in 3 customers are ready to leave a company already after a negative experience.

More and more customers use multiple contact points

Your customers today expect to be able to contact you via several media. Especially the media where you have a presence. If the customer does not get an answer or is forced to make an effort to contact you, the customer experience suffers and many other more digitized companies are only a search away.

Don’t miss out on market share

In many industries, it is the sales department that keeps the business alive and ensures that the decisive market shares are maintained or increased. When this function stops delivering according to budget, the business quickly suffers.

We make ever higher demands on salespeople

In order to work long-term with sales, regardless of whether it is B2C or B2B, the market requires a higher level of knowledge and business ethics than before. Since many companies’ products are very similar to each other, the seller and the customer relationship often become the decisive variable. Sales is more than a transaction but also training, onboarding and service.

Sales people & Key account managers

What is the cost of a sales department that does not meet its budget?

How we work

Utbildning kundservice
We learn your business in depth

Nordicom takes knowledge and training seriously and ensures that all agents are able to handle challenging questions long before they have even spoken to a customer. Our absolute ambition is that a Nordicom employee is at least as knowledgeable and up-to-date as your on-site staff.

Education and focus on agent satisfaction

Satisfied, happy and inspired agents create new solutions on their own initiative that your customers never even thought were possible. Our employees receive a broad training that covers communication, customer service and sales, followed by ongoing training to constantly increase their skills and become a little better and more prepared.

Feedback kundservice
We are driven by feedback

Nordicom believes in and is driven by feedback. From your customers, from our employees and from you. Each interaction is a new opportunity to understand customers’ needs and behaviors a little better. With good insights, we can be one step ahead and give you concrete tips on business development, new campaigns and improved FAQ, as well as create proactive questions for chat.

Every interaction

is a new opportunity

is a new opportunity

We want to help you win in your market

What can Nordicom do for you? We increase your sales with our telemarketing function and offload through our back office. In addition, we can make your customer service a competitive factor in your specific market so that you become the first option that comes to the customer’s mind through your good reputation and your extraordinary service. When you get there, we have achieved a win win situation, where we first created loyalty with your customers and thereby hopefully also earned your trust.

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