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Do you need an external support department with technical expertise?

Nordicom stands for modern customer service with a 360° perspective. Through well-trained agents with the right knowledge and the ability to solve complex cases via chat, telephone, video calls and screen sharing, we help Nordic companies with affordable technical support.

Competent staff you can count on

Technical support is crucial to ensure that the customer experience is as smooth as possible for the customer. Customers today expect quick help with technical matters and that you have the opportunity to see their current status in order to effectively troubleshoot and offer a solution. We dedicate resources to identify and isolate your company’s most important areas. In that case, high problem-solving skills are crucial. Together, we design routines to quickly help your customers get started through onboarding processes, software troubleshooting or live guidance, so that the customer can solve the problem himself.

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We strive to deliver the possible tech support

Both increased service level and additional sales, while you lowering your costs

Companies that make their technical support the absolute highest priority deliver an intangible asset to their customers. They build a trust and a relationship. Something that 43% of customers agree with surveys are willing to pay extra for, even if the competitor offers a better price. It is undoubtedly good business to invest more resources in a better support, because it is several times more profitable to keep a customer than to acquire a new one.

How we work

From interaction to action

Every interaction with your customers represents a new chance to deepen the understanding of their needs. Valuable information, regardless of whether it comes from satisfied or dissatisfied customers, provides insights that can be helpful in further developing your offers and processes. The goal is to provide more insight into your customers, to understand both needs and behavior. This means that we identify the cases that can be excluded or automated. Nordicom also helps you explore which services are of interest to your customers and what may be missing from your current offer. We evaluate whether customers can find the information they need on your website and in your self-help resources, as well as whether there are areas that need to be expanded. By supporting you in this work, we strive to increase your cost efficiency and competitiveness, while at the same time your customers experience a smoother and more satisfying service.

We stand for the following


Customer first

We love helping our customers solve their challenges, both big and small. We are passionate about service and happily go the extra mile to ensure that your customers can quickly return to their everyday lives with a smile on their faces.



We take our mission very seriously. Nordicom takes full responsibility and leaves nothing to chance. We stand firmly behind our values and deliver what our partners expect. Even when it’s uphill, we always find a solution, however difficult it may be at the time.



Our compass always guides us towards quality. Quality in our services, in the choice of partners, in our actions towards our employees and in the equipment we use every day. When faced with a choice, our firm starting point is to always choose the highest quality and nothing else.

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The companies of the future distinguish themselves with extraordinary support solutions

Our ambition is to help your company distinguish itself in your specific market and become a first in mind option with a very good reputation and extraordinary service. When you get there, we have achieved a win win situation. We have created loyalty among your customers and thereby hopefully earned your trust.

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